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Serving the community since 1979, we are much more than our programs and facilities; we are a team of caring individuals who are deeply committed to helping our students.

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In-demand programs and dedicated Career Services team ensure that you are career ready in just months.


Our faculty is our greatest asset. Qualified professionals with industry expertise, who bring their passion and dedication to the classroom everyday.



Most Diploma programs include in-school hands-on training as well as off-site practicum with potential employers.



Offering a variety of funding options.
Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.


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Anderson College is much more than just a college; it’s a second home. My experience shows that Anderson College is for anyone who is willing to learn no matter your age or nationality. Thank you to everyone at Anderson College who made my career possible and for making my experience sublime

- Anesha

Choosing to attend Anderson College was the best decision of my life! I have an incredible job now, working in one of the largest healthcare companies in Canada

- Belinda

Emigrating from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I had a PhD in Immunology and had considerable research experience, but no Canadian experience. I did my research and selected the Medical Laboratory Technician program, so I could maintain a career in my area of expertise. I learned the rules and regulations governing work ethics in Canada and how to do things properly within the Medical Laboratory field. Anderson College taught me how to take my first steps in Canada and I thank the college and staff for their tireless efforts

- Winston Costa P.

I believe that education is a vital to success in life. … What we are going to be, and what kind of future [we’ll have], depends on our dedication and determination. … Being an Anderson College student was not easy. … But I came to realize that the main objective of the school and our instructors was to train, develop and prepare us to become strong and rigorous professionals. We were motivated to push ourselves beyond what was easy… and to succeed. We must always remember the adage that says, ’to make progress in anything, there has to be an element of rigor.’ … I can proudly say that Anderson College has helped mold me into the successful person I am today. The college’s dedicated teachers and mentors guided us in developing positive thoughts that lead to positive actions - instrumental in achieving our desired success.

- Cristina R H.

Living in Canada for seven years as an immigrant was challenging. I thought I would never have the chance to study again, but everything changed when I visited Anderson College. … [They] gave me the keys to unlock doors of new opportunities and hopes. …They guided me on the right path to help me achieve my goals. They assisted me in improving my skills, abilities and strengths … and to grow as an individual and be more effective in my professional position. … Anderson College helped me to stand out and be able to reach my dreams!

- Eden C.

Why Is Anderson the Right Choice For You?

We know first-hand how stressful and frightening it can be to establish a career in a new country or to build a career in a country you’ve spent years in. With this deep understanding, we support you to overcome challenges and create a better life for you and your families. We are your partner in helping you become skilled, confident and in-demand employees.

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