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3 Reasons Why Dental Assistant Is the Right Career for You!

By January 4, 2019 March 4th, 2020 No Comments
Dental Assistant Students at Anderson College

First of all, what does a Dental Assistant do? Intra Oral Dental Assistants are expected to receive and prepare patients for treatment. They help dentists by sterilizing, preparing and setting out dental instruments and materials. They can also process x-rays and assist dentists during dental procedures. Some of the main duties of a Dental Assistant are to record all dental procedures performed and educate patients about oral hygiene and proper brushing techniques.

1. Gain Hands-On Practice

Sitting on a chair for hours is not for everyone, so one of the reasons why Dental Assistants love their training is because they get a lot of hands-on practice. Through this program especially, students have the advantage of working within a fully-equipped dental laboratory where they can practice how to set up dental trays, do x-rays but also how to polish clinical crowns, apply fluoride and much more. Being able to get a lot of practice is not only fun but also prepares you to have enough experience before starting your career.

Intra Oral Assistant Student at Anderson College in Ontario

2. A Career with Many Opportunities

Competition is tough these days when it comes to finding a job, so it is always good to choose a profession where you know that there will be opportunities for you. The employment outlook is looking good for Dental Assistants as it is increasing faster than the average for all occupations. The profession also has had consistent growth for the past 15 years and the employment rate is well below the national average.

3. A Variety of Responsibilities

Dental Assistants have various responsibilities and dentists can rely on them for educating patients on oral care and good brushing habits. This is a career that will never bore you as there are always many things to do. This is also a position that will allow you to continuously learn as you have to stay current with the latest techniques, procedures, and technologies.

As you can see, Dental Assistant is a great career that will always keep you busy, but where you will have a chance to make a difference by comforting and educating patients. It is also great for those who like to do new things and keep learning to be always at the top of their career!

For more information about the program or to enroll, visit the Intra Oral Level I & II Dental Assistant program page.

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