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5 Reasons To Consider A Career in Supply Chain & Logistics

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Career in Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics allows our world to connect while bringing everything together. Have you ever wondered about the process used to make the screen you’re reading this from?  Without some sort of supply chain management, such technological advancements would be impossible; as would pretty much every other material thing you possess.

Supply Chain and Logistics is an industry that encompasses every effort involved in producing and delivering a final product or service.  From the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer, being involved in this process is ensuring that the retail world economy keeps moving.

If we’ve caught your attention, keep reading for more great reasons Anderson College recommends pursuing a career in this fast-paced industry!

A Fast-Growing Industry


There are more supply chain jobs than ever before due to a constantly expanding global connection! New and diverse opportunities are always arising and many employers are expecting the headcount to increase. The availability of jobs in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector span over a wide variety of industries and departments!  At the end of the day, you could be working within manufacturing, retail, engineering, energy, healthcare, public sector, and many others.  In a nutshell, there is something for everyone.  More jobs, more diversity and more choice mean you can get exactly what you want from your career.  Sounds good, right?

Increasing Benefits

Did you know that Supply Chain and Logistics positions come with highly attractive salaries?  The average entry-level income for a Supply Chain Professional is $42,000 per year with a huge potential to rise above $100,000 in higher-level positions!  Not only are the salaries high, so is Job Satisfaction!  Whether you are looking for a career with room to grow, climb, travel or simply earn a solid income, Supply Chain and Logistics careers are proving to be well enjoyed throughout the industry.

Diverse Requirements

It’s true!  While the Supply Chain and Logistics industry was once limited to warehousing and distribution, global connections have allowed for an abundance of roles to existing across all levels and specialties.  The fact that Supply Chain and Logistics is a relatively new industry means that a lot of industry requirements are taught by actual training providers, meaning more companies are more than happy to pay higher salaries for employees with this type of training.  That’s not to say that experience isn’t required, but the point is that the job requirements are usually open to those with the desire and education to work in this field.  Most colleges like National Academy (now, Anderson College) will only grant a diploma in this field after students complete a hands-on placement so that they graduate with real-life experience on their resumes.  If you have the desire to learn and the capacity to put your learning to practice, you have everything you need to excel in this industry.

Career Growth

Most people are looking for a career that will allow them to learn and grow as employees and individuals.  The Supply Chain and Logistics industry offers many opportunities for career advancement and can almost guarantee that you won’t stay in the same role unless you want to. Since many employers look for people who have or are willing to develop their skills through various courses, Supply Chain jobs offer a significant upward movement. The structured levels offer opportunities to advance for those who apply themselves and are willing to put in the hard work.  Furthermore, the multi-faceted supply chain industry can give you the opportunity for personal and professional development since you will be likely to gain experience within the many sectors of Supply Chain and Logistics.  With your transferable skills growing quickly, this truly amazing industry will allow you to be as successful as you want to be!

Gender Equality: Everyone Welcome

If you have been reading this article, you will already know that the Supply Chain and Logistics industry is no longer limited to working in warehouses and lifting using heavy machinery.  Current trends show major signs of change and employers are realizing that the Supply Chain industry is better suited to employees of all backgrounds and qualities.  Don’t underestimate the value of soft skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem-solving – all of which are in increasingly high demand!


By: Lianna Harrington

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