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Student Fighting COVID-19 – Janice’s Story

By May 8, 2020 May 20th, 2020 No Comments
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Everything has changed – our priorities, our routines, and the way we live. While COVID-19 has separated us physically, we are more determined to stay connected with you. Whether you are combatting COVID-19 at the front line or from home.

Janice R is a Medical Esthetics Student at the Downtown campus. Here is her story:

What do you like most about your virtual classes?

My virtual class is exciting and challenging. Homeschooling is convenient for me as a parent with two kids at home, as it means the classroom is in the comfort of my own home. Sometimes my kids need me in the middle of a class which is challenging! I have been navigating the virtual learning, as well as computers. It was a bit difficult at first, but I am getting used to it now – having patience is key! It is a new way of learning, but I’m enjoying it. We are able to do both hands-on, as well as theoretical learning. We have very helpful teachers and cooperative classmates, so we work as a team.

What is your best study tip for online learning?

All I can say is to treat online classes like you would in the classroom. It feels a bit awkward at the start, but as you get used to it, it begins to feel the same as a regular class.

What is the biggest challenge with online learning?

My biggest challenges have been learning how to navigate using my computer, adjusting to attending classes from a bedroom, having my children needing me during a class, and training myself to get used to online classes.

Share your favourite moment from your virtual classes

My class laughs a lot and we poke fun at each other! We’re also able to do some hands-on work virtually, which is my favourite.

Share a message you would like to pass on to our front line workers

I appreciate all of your sacrifices. Thank you from my family and I. You embraced the unknown just to make sure we are all safe. You bravely wake up every day knowing you are going out there to face the invisible enemy. I want to help, and I know the best thing I can do is to stay home. I will continue to pray for you all, the brave fighters of COVID-19.

Join our fight against COVID-19 and share your story here.

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