Staying Connected During COVID-19

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staying connected during covid-19

We hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe and well during this unprecedented time. Keeping our Anderson College community connected during COVID-19 is our way of reminding you: we’re in this together.

Make the most out of the situation

Please remember, the things you treasure the most are right beside you – a hug from your loved ones, a snuggle with your pet, a smile from your neighbour (2 meters away of course) and a ray of sunshine through the window. Please take the time to enjoy these things while the world is on pause.

Never give up – a short story

In the meantime, here’s a short story for you to enjoy.

“Once, there was an older man, who was broke, living in a tiny house and owned a beat-up car. He was living from $99 social security checks. At 65 years of age, he decided things had to change. So he thought about what he had to offer. His friends raved about his chicken recipe. He decided that this was his best shot at making a change.

He left Kentucky and traveled to different states to try to sell his recipe. He told restaurant owners that he had a mouth-watering chicken recipe. He offered the recipe to them for free, just asking for a small percentage on the items sold. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Unfortunately, not to most of the restaurants. He heard NO over 1000 times. Even after all those rejections, he didn’t give up. He believed his chicken recipe was something special. He got rejected 1009 times before he heard his first yes.
With that one success, Colonel Hartland Sanders changed the way Americans eat chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC, was born.

Remember, never give up and always believe in yourself in spite of rejection.”

A thank you to the frontline workers

Please take some time to call a senior or someone who could use a boost like a hardworking healthcare worker, security guard, delivery driver, or a grocery clerk, and thank them.

We greatly appreciate the work they are doing every day. Here is a wonderful collection of photos from across the world of people thanking our frontline workers, please enjoy and be inspired.

Studying at home

We have included some tips for you to study from home efficiently, please click here and here for students with children.

Listen, COVID19 – a poem

To finish, we are pleased to share a poem by our very own Brigitte Lehmann, our ECA Instructor at the Eglinton Campus.

Dear COVID19,

So you think that you’ve got us. But now, just you listen;
Anderson’s ready, and still on our mission.

We continue to teach, deliver lessons on time,
Our students learn daily and further their climb.

Thanks to our support teams, working ‘round the clock,
We still serve our students…just from ‘round the block.

Our students remain studying, focussed and strong,
Reading and typing, where they belong.

Directors, Admin, Admissions on call,
Services, Cleaners, bring your effects to a crawl.

Practicum Partners, I.T., and Assistants,
Support each other without exception.

COVID, you ail and have clearly unloaded
But we’ve taken a stance, and have proudly voted

Unanimously to play our part,
We’ll stay tucked in nor overload our cart.

Though you’re easily shared and passed around,
We disinfect and we’ll take you down!!

Through this pandemic, challenges arrive,
But you’ve made us adapt, and we’ll continue to rise.

Though you think you’ve got us and torn us asunder,
Together we stand, COVID, we won’t surrender.

Anderson College won’t tolerate your nonsense.
We’re standing on stage and giving our performance!

You’re convinced “Corona” equates fear. (Noted.)
But our Career College is fully loaded.

We’ve gotten your message, I hope you’ve heard ours,
COVID-19, you won’t stay in charge.
We all remain fixated, fighting and lean…

Love from the Anderson College 5 campus’ Team.

Brigitte Lehmann
ECA Instructor
March 25, 2020

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