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Staff Fighting COVID-19 – Brigitte’s Story

By May 15, 2020 May 20th, 2020 No Comments
Brigitte L - Anderson College Faculty Member

Everything has changed – our priorities, our routines, and the way we live. While COVID-19 has separated us physically, we are more determined to stay connected with you. Whether you are combatting COVID-19 at the front line or from home.

Brigitte L. is part of our staff at the Eglinton campus. Here is her story:

What are your tips for online teaching and/or working from home?

  • SMILE. Smiles can be heard and felt from a mic!
  • Bring passion. It can still be delivered through virtual classes.
  • Celebrate. Small victories and celebrations should still be shared together (but just from our screens).
  • Be thankful. Period.

Share a fun moment that happened while you have been teaching and/or working from home

covid19 storiesI start teaching my first ECA class at 9.00 a.m, while my teenage daughter and (still confused) cat slept until 11.00 a.m. My cat, Bisky, usually waits for my kiddo to wake up and give her some food. Well, on that particular morning, Bisky decided that she would get up early, at 9.05 a.m and beg for her food from me. She was being very loud! She was crying and being dramatic, which was rather funny. My students could hear “crying” in the background – I could see the concern on their faces. After about 10 minutes, I finally told my students that the sound was my cat and they instructed me to go and feed her! It was so funny. Bisky was happy and thankfully, never repeated that behavior. I now feed her before my class starts!

Share a kind message you would like to pass on to our students

You’ve got this!

Share a message you would like to pass on to our frontline workers

Thank you! Please know that we love you!

Join our fight against COVID-19 and share your story here.

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