Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

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Career change

Have you entered into a career that is no longer giving you the fulfillment and mobility you expected? Perhaps it’s time for a change.

Whether out of pressure or necessity, professionals all over the country sometimes choose to enter into careers that they deemed safe or perceived to be lucrative. However, as time passed the work became dull, motivation slipped, and they realized that maybe the passion was never really there to begin with. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the end of the road for ambitious professionals. In fact, 88.5% of people change jobs to move up! Perhaps your real passion is for accounting, law enforcement, or working as a physiotherapy assistant. Or maybe you really want to work with seniors as a personal support worker, or pursue childcare training to become an early childcare assistant.

Whether you want to complete healthcare training or study law, there is a world of opportunity that could be just around the corner. Whatever your passion, it’s important to do what you love and reach the level of success that you deserve. Check out our infographic for signs it’s time for a career change!


Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

You’re Not Passionate About Your Current Career

  • The work fails to interest you
  • You find it difficult to finish daily tasks
  • You don’t look forward to going to work
  • You feel like your talents lie elsewhere

24% of Canadians have changed careers more than 3 times!

There’s a Definite Loss of Fulfillment

  • You don’t feel like you’re making a difference
  • Your potential has little room to manifest itself
  • You don’t feel like you can grow or advance in the industry
  • Jobs in this career path no longer make you happy
  • You find yourself thinking about working in other careers

24% of professionals leave careers due to disillusionment and 19% for lack of growth

You’re Looking to Earn a Higher Salary

  • Jobs in your current career don’t offer the pay you’re looking for
  • You feel underpaid and overworked
  • You’re just getting by with your current salary
  • You want to better provide for your family
  • You believe that you deserve better

You’re Exploring What Inspires You

  • You want to start earning money by doing what you love
  • You’re willing to take risks to pursue your dream
  • You often tell friends you’d be happier working in another field
  • Your ideas and talents are better suited to a different career

35% of Canadians will change careers after discovering a new passion!

You’re Ready to Go Back to School

  • You find yourself browsing college websites
  • You want a career that you can feel proud of
  • You’re not afraid to work hard to get the future you deserve
  • You’re ready for a new challenge


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