Business Administration

If you can envision yourself working within a business office, overseeing various projects and making your mark on the bottom line, then this program may be the pathway to your new career.

Program Duration
Full Time: 34 - 44 weeks
In-class schedule: Monday to Friday
Practicum Duration
4 weeks
Financial Aid
Various payment options. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.


With the Business Administration skills and experience you will gain in this program, you will have the opportunity to contribute to various business departments within companies of your choice. With your broad understanding of business practices and knowledge, you can consider working in accounting; operations; personnel or general administration; as an executive assistant; management trainee; as a sales and marketing executive and more. If determined to forge an opportunity for yourself, you will have the foundation to start a business of your own.

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The program is 34/44 weeks, including a 4-week practicum with on-the-job training, offsite with potential employers. Our Business Administration program is comprehensive, giving you the competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing job market. You will learn from industry-expert instructors and cover topics spanning from administration, finance, staffing, accounting and communications to marketing, sales, operations and more. In addition, you will explore what it takes to succeed in business, gaining a keen understanding of critical thinking and how to work effectively in a dynamic team atmosphere.


Beyond our industry-expert instructors, easy-to-use learning materials and real-world training – what sets us apart, is a community of support, sharing your interests and goals for creating a life-changing career path, one that will become like a family as you navigate your way to success.

Our programs and community set us apart in the private college sector; being an Anderson College graduate of Business Administration sets you apart as an exceptional professional.


  • Gain real-time knowledge and best-practices onsite from our industry-expert instructors and offsite through practicum with leading organizations and businesses
  • Gain practical knowledge by participating in real-world projects
  • Gain an understanding of how to work effectively with team members and develop your professional communication skills


Contact us to talk with one of our Admissions Experts. We’ll walk you through the details of what you’ll need and how to apply, the details of the program curriculum and the next steps to get you on your way to your first, or next, successful career.

Scroll down to see who your industry-expert instructors will be, and the experience they have to share with you.

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It all started with a visit to Anderson College’. … I always had a dream to be a positive role model for my children, and I’ve always told them how important an education is to live a better life. … But, I was giving myself the excuse that [as a mother and working to support them], I couldn’t possibly handle going school too. I am so happy and proud of myself for not listening. If you want a better life, you can have it too! It is possible!
I am [thrilled I’ve graduated]. It was not only for me … I inspired and motivated my friends and family to follow in my footsteps. … When you go to a school like Anderson College you will still be able to work, you will be able to support your family and [go for the life] you truly want. … Thank you, Anderson College!

Meseret G.


Amandeep K. S.

“I am passionate about teaching because I believe it gives me the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. I especially enjoy teaching adult students because they are sincere, punctual and responsible. To see my students succeed gives me so much pleasure.”

Amandeep is a highly educated instructor with more than 10 years’ experience teaching Business Management and Accounting to a diverse group of students from all over the world. She has received numerous awards and recognitions in the business and accounting field, and has conducted a series of research programs. She has published 3 books, 25 conference research papers, and 10 research papers in journals, one of which received the “Best Research Paper Award” from the Insurance Institute of India.

Amandeep has a PhD in Management and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. She is also a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner.

Carmela C. H.

“My passion is enabling my students to confront their fears and self-imposed limitations so they can find the courage to move beyond them and truly improve their lives. My focus is on helping students understand their personal strengths, passions and goals, then aligning those goals with their career objectives.”

Carmela has two decades of Senior Human Resources experience, leading HR and Talent management teams, and partnering with business clients to provide HR solutions in diverse sectors. She has provided executive coaching and HR consulting for 8 years, with a focus on developing resilient leaders and helping individuals get "unstuck" in their career management. She was a Board Director at the Hamilton Chapter of the Human Resources Professional Association from 2011 to 2015.

Carmela has multiple coaching and leadership qualifications from internationally-recognized organizations such as CTI, ICF and Career Partners International, as well as certificates in Human Resource Management and Management Studies from Mohawk College.

Naila A.

“I get great pleasure in watching my adult learners develop and succeed, but my passion for teaching and mentoring extends way beyond the classroom. I am happiest while I teach and develop my students’ curriculum, applying the latest trends and technology. To me, making this impact in my students’ lives is a great honour.”

Naila has been an instructor for over 18 years, teaching business-related programs at reputed universities and colleges in Canada and overseas. She is a certified adult educator, curriculum designer, and business management instructor, with a focus on blended learning. Her skills include teaching adult students and new immigrants to navigate Canadian business needs.

Naila holds an MBA and a PhD in Business Management and Economics. She is a business researcher, case writer for academic books, and book author. She received the “Service Excellence Award” at her previous university employment.

Azza S.

“I am honored when my students feel that they are being enlightened by the information I give them.
In my teachings, I not only talk about academic subjects, but also about professional experiences. I transfer practical knowledge from my own life experience to enrich their journey.”

Azza is an entrepreneur and project manager with over 20 years’ international experience in Canada and the Middle East. She is the founder of numerous successful businesses in Egypt, Dubai, and Canada, including conference management, wellness, and self-development companies. Azza has a passion for knowledge transfer and has been an independent consultant since 2008. She also organizes workshops and retreats for self-development.

Azza holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Computer Science, and has been a certified Project Management Professional in good standing with the Project Management Institute since 2008. Azza has completed diploma programs in a variety of subjects including Canadian Taxes, and Journalism and Broadcasting.

Edward G.

Edward G - Anderson College Faculty Member

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to help students achieve their best, and to guide them down a path where they realize how much better their lives are with hard work and confidence.”

Before becoming an instructor, Edward spent many years working as a chef before embarking upon a career in business, working at Bell Canada’s corporate office. He has now amassed over 20 years’ experience in adult education (teaching Business Administration) throughout which he has developed his communication and leadership skills.

Edward is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master and has also completed courses at DeVry and Ryerson Universities.

Gary A.


“Teaching others is one of the most rewarding of all tasks I have experienced in my career. I especially enjoy helping students who have made large sacrifices in their life and are now trying to improve their quality of life. In many cases, the challenges our students have faced and overcome has inspired me to help make sure they succeed in life.”

Gary has worked in many different roles and fields throughout his career, including more than 25 years as a computer programmer, systems analyst, and business analyst. Gary spent 12 years running his own consulting and contracting business, where he was able to work with some of Canada’s largest companies. Working with such varied entities has provided Gary with a wealth of experience in not only computer systems, but continuous improvement and better business practices.

Gary’s education includes diplomas in computer programming and systems analysis, and a certificate in coaching.

David M.

“I love sharing my passion for the topic at hand with students who are present, engaged and excited to learn. Taking an academic subject and bringing it to life by relating it to the real-world experience of the individual class members is both a thrill and a privilege. Teaching adults also has the extraordinary benefit of allowing me to learn from them along the way.”
David has over 30 years’ experience in business, having worked in Programming, Systems Analysis & Design, Marketing, Business Architecture, HR and Organizational Change Management. He most recently held leadership positions at RBC Royal Bank. David is also a Transition Coach and runs his own personal coaching business.
David studied Fine Arts at Toronto’s York University and over the years has continued his education in such fields as Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Change Management, and Instructional Design & Development. He is a Certified Change Management Practitioner.

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