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Overcoming Barriers of Effective Office Communication

By June 18, 2014 March 5th, 2020 No Comments
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Effective communication in the workplace can improve work ethic, creativity and time management for overall productivity improvements. Communication skills are valuable in every office environment, whether you are taking medical office assistant training or business courses. Office communication in this age of technology is evolving so fast it can be hard to keep your head wrapped around all the new changes, but with a couple of these great tips, you’ll have the office more efficient in no time flat.

Give Feedback

Even if it’s just a quick “Good job” after one of your co-workers’ presentations, giving other employees in the office feedback helps open up the channels of communication in the office. If you’re looking to share criticism and tips for improvement, consider the proper time and place, and the proper tone to phrase it in. Most of the time, if someone asks for your feedback, it’s okay to give them constructive ways to improve something, but spouting unsolicited criticism when you’re not asked to comment is not only rude but disruptive.

Know When to Email and When to Talk

These days, with computers being an essential element of any office, a lot of our communication is done online. While sending people tasks or giving feedback on submission are things that are sometimes better done through email or another text-based messaging format, there are times where going over and engaging and talking to another employee is a much better way of communicating.

If you need to ask one or two short clarifying questions, emailing can be a waste of time while sending the message that you don’t have the time to simply walk over and engage someone. Not only this but actively talking with people in the workplace creates a more open and relaxed environment than one where everyone is just silently plugging away on computers.

Active Listening

In the information age, we frequently think we have little time to spare when that’s not the case. One of the implications of this belief is that we often do a lot of talking – telling people something, describing what we want, talking about what we think should happen – and not a lot of time listening to others’ input. This creates a one-sided state of mind where everyone is pushing their ideas and imagination on others, but not listening to what they have to say.

In everything from pursuing payroll training to running accounting courses to teach new hires, collaboration should allow better ideas to flourish while creating more efficient workflows, so opening yourself up and listening to people is essential for good teamwork. Often some mistakes could have been easily avoided if communication was clearer from the beginning. Relationships in an office are all about give and take, so when all you’re doing is taking, you’re just making the situation more muddled and inefficient.

When it all comes down to it, making more of an effort to engage in open and honest communication is the secret to an efficient and happy office. Just taking the time out of your day to talk to your co-workers, even if it’s not work-related, makes the atmosphere that much more positive.

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