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covid19 heroes

Everything has changed – our priorities, our routines, and the way we live. While COVID-19 has separated us physically, we are more determined to stay connected with you. Whether you are combatting COVID-19 at the frontline or from home.

Some of our alumni are frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19. Here are their stories:

Patricia M. J.
Mackenzie Health Hospital

covid heroesMy priority as a healthcare professional is to be there for our patients, their families, and the community. We’ve been training for moments like this throughout our careers! I love my career, and I am thankful to be surrounded by an amazing group of colleagues. It’s definitely stressful. We’re trying to protect ourselves as much as possible with masks, goggles and scrubs. I want everyone to stay positive. This is going to be a long stretch, but we will get through it. Stay strong!

Aileen O.
Michael Garron Hospital

covid heroesThe most important thing is following basic hygiene rules ourselves and also educating other people about these rules. Strictly following social distancing measures is also essential to ensure the safety of those around us – please stay home and only go out for essential items. By staying home, we are all doing our part to stop COVID-19. We need to be honest and follow the rules which have been set by the Government. We can all help!

Francisco M.
TTC Wheel-Trans Sanitation

covid heroesTTC Wheel-Trans provides transport services to Torontonians every day. There are more than 250 buses in the garage that my team and I sanitize 24/7.
As a supervisor, I make sure that all buses are disinfected and ready for drivers and passengers the next day, while ensuring that my team prioritizes their safety when accomplishing this task. There are buses designated as special transport vehicles for passengers who are suspected of having COVID-19 or who have tested positive. We are all fighting this virus together!

Mark A.
Yorkville Sports Medicine Clinic

covid heroesI have stepped up my game since the start of this pandemic. Aside from the government measures, which I am observing, I make sure that my immune system is as strong as it can be. I take extra Vitamin C, exercise regularly from home (approximately thirty minutes a day), as well as ensuring I eat a balanced diet and making sure I get enough sleep. I also look after my mental health by being grateful every day, living in the moment and thinking about how I can help others.

Elodie A.
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

covid heroesMake sure you are helping others by having good hand hygiene and sanitizing your hands regularly. Avoid touching your face, as this will help to keep you safe. Also make sure to keep surfaces as clean as possible, and ensure to wash your uniforms/clothes regularly if you have been wearing them to work. As frontline workers, we always keep as safe as possible and we’re of course practicing social distancing.

Margaret J.
Kingston West Physiotherapy

covid19 heroesI’ve been strict on following the rules and protocols since lockdown started. I have been particularly cautious as my uncle died from COVID-19 just after my birthday – I tried to celebrate my birthday, however it was a sad day for my family and I. It happened very quickly, so we were not prepared for it at all. We continue to stay home to keep ourselves and everyone else safe. We keep ourselves busy by keeping in touch with friends and family online, and we have our cute dog in the house which keeps us happy!

Sandeep S.

fight covid-19To all the frontline workers including police, firefighters, grocery store workers, doctors and healthcare workers, you have our sincerest thanks and prayers. What you are doing for all those sick people is very courageous and even though you know you are risking your lives, you continue to help. We all need to ensure that we are playing our part in reducing the impact of COVID-19. Keep practicing social distancing and stay in your homes. If we all play our part, the chances of this virus spreading any further will remain low. We all pray that this comes to an end soon so we can go back to our normal world, but until then, please stay home and stay safe.

Rosalie O.
MCI The Doctor’s Office

covid19 heroesBeing a frontline worker, our duty is to give a hand to people or patients who are in need of our help in the healthcare field. This what our oath is; for the people and of the people. Don’t spread hate and misinformation, spread neverending love and care.”


Kawattie K.
Private In-Home Care

covid19 heroesTo my fellow healthcare workers, thank you for giving us your all throughout this global pandemic. To the ones at home, please remember to only go out when necessary. Continue to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene, as well as making sure you wear a mask and gloves when needed. Be safe and look out for yourselves and others.


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