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Meet Roger Clowater: Police Foundations Training Instructor at Anderson

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A career in public service requires dedication, compassion, and a strong sense of principles. For Roger Clowater, his lifelong career in law enforcement inspired him to prepare the next generation of students looking to make a difference. Thanks to his dedication and commitment, many of his students have earned their Certificate of Results and gone on to protect and serve in a variety of fulfilling careers.

Read on to learn more about Roger’s career and how he goes above and beyond for his students.

Serving His Community Inspired Him to Teach

Before he ever thought of becoming a teacher, Roger knew he wanted to serve and protect his community. After graduating from the Atlantic Police Academy in 1978, he went to work in Saint John, New Brunswick, in general policing for 25 years. Of course, his career included plenty of variety, and involved working as a bicycle police officer, beat police officer, with the youth division, and so much more.

After attending the Institute of Police Technology and Management, Roger became an instructor in verbal judo, which, as he explains, “emphasizes the gentle art of persuasion, getting people to do what you want them to do” He found his new teaching position so fulfilling that he decided to go back to school to pursue this avenue further.

How Roger Became a Police Foundations Program Instructor

Roger quickly earned a Master’s degree in Public Relations and was hired by Seneca College to teach their public relations program. He then helped create a working curriculum for Centennial College’s Bachelor of Public Relations program. His excellent work attracted our attention, and Anderson College approached him with an offer to become an instructor. As Roger recalls, “I jumped at the idea of coming and teaching in the police foundations program.”

Roger’s passion for teaching is obvious: “Everything I do in the classroom is geared towards helping my students develop the competencies that are required to become an effective police officer”.

Roger’s Main Advice? “Never Stop Learning”

Roger maintains a close relationship with many graduates from our police foundations training program. “I maintain contact with almost all of my students,” he says. Whenever he finds something interesting or receives an update on a case law, Roger will send it in an email to all of his students, past and present. The relationship is not one-way, either. “I still have many of them on my cell phone, where they text me or call me,” he says, adding that “I get invitations to graduations at the police college or at a police department.”

His pride in the achievements of his students is clear. The greatest reward, for Roger, is the moment when graduates bring their Certificate of Results or letter of offer from a police department to his office to show him. He cherishes these moments, saying “they bring it in and give me a copy of it and I paste it up on the wall”.

When asked for the advice he’d give to students, he says, “Never stop learning.” He also adds, “Don’t ever give up… Just never give up.”

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