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Logistics And Supply Chain Operations: The Job Of The Future!

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Logistics & Supply Chain Operator surrounded by containers. He is talking on the talkie walkie and holding a clipboard.

What Does a Logistics and Supply Chain Operator Do?

Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals undertake numerous responsibilities in the logistics and supply chain operations which include coordinating logistics, transportation and freight forwarding operations. You will also be in charge of optimizing order frequency, cycles and transit options, schedule delivery, track status and expedite overdue shipments. Logistics and Supply Chain careers cover many areas and it is not uncommon for operators to source suppliers, inquire quotations, tender submissions and even negotiate pricing.

Career Prospect

The employment outlook is expected to be fair as in stronger economic times; the movement of goods is often heightened, supporting the need for workers in supply and logistics fields. Economic growth over the next few years is expected to spur commercial and private spending, increasing the need for the transportation of products and in turn, supervisors in this occupation. After graduating, you can expect to work in Retail and Distribution, Transportation, Service Firms, Manufacturing and Production, Consulting and Third Party Logistics (3PL).

Program Outlook

The Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Program will introduce you to the modern practices and concepts of logistics and supply chain management as a vital part of corporate success in the local and global marketplace. You will also gain the professional competencies needed for entry-level careers in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management in various industries, public sector, retail, freight forwarding, import/export and other areas of the economy. In this career field, you will be responsible for planning and supporting decision making processes related to sourcing, supplier selection, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, quality assurance and disposition of goods and materials.

Why Is It For Me?

The Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Program is for you if you want to know the process of the transportation of goods and want to be part of a big industry. This career path is great for people who are decisive and very detailed oriented. Also, this program will lead to many career opportunities in various sectors such as retail, and distribution, consulting, service firms and many more.

If you think this is the perfect career for you, please visit the Logistics & Supply Chain Operations program page for more information about our program or give us a call!

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