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English Conversation Café 

The English Conversation Café is scheduled weekly for students on a first-come, first-served basis. You are given the opportunity to practice speaking in a safe and casual environment and will gain the confidence to engage in interesting discussions and express opinions in wider contexts with multi-level partners.

Course Description

Class sizes are limited to enable active participation and the opportunity to engage in dialogue.

Tuition Fees


Students are guided through several topics by an instructor. Speaking exercises from English Assessment Tests will be added during the Café as help.

As a student, you will experience:

  • Working in pairs and small groups to complete speaking tasks
  • The first weekly lesson, that focuses on listening and speaking skills in a social context. (Lessons add print and audiovisual media to engage learners and start discussion.)
  • The second weekly lesson, designed to further develop the speaking skills necessary to succeed in oral examinations and provides strategies
  • The opportunity to practice responding to sample questions and topics that you may encounter.


Interesting discussions focus on real-world situations including work and career studies. Through conversations you will develop a job interview technique and the skills necessary to achieve your career goals. Guided by an instructor, you will learn alongside fellow students and increase your language fluency as you improve on the transferable skills needed to succeed professionally and personally.


Contact us and talk with one of our Admissions experts. We’ll walk you through the details of what is required, how to apply, and the program information you need to know.

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