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Instructor Q&A Feature: Barbara Ochendoski

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Barbara Ochendoski

Instructor: Barbara Ochendoski
Program: Medical Office Administrator (MOA)

1. What are the positive outcomes that potential students can expect once they complete your program?

Some positive outcomes potential students can expect once they complete MOA program knowledge of medicine, excellent organizational and time management skills and an overall understanding of the importance of a medical office administrative assistant.

2. What do you enjoy most about teaching this program?

I enjoy being able to keep myself up to date on changing skills. I also enjoy watching the students as they begin the program, and see how they grow. I enjoy watching how excited the students become when they understand how body systems work.

3. Is there anything special about your class that students enjoy or find interesting?

You would have to ask my students if they find my class enjoyable or interesting, but I think they enjoy how I can take my experience working in healthcare and provide scenarios and bring it back to our topic of conversation.

4. In your teaching career, what is one story that made you proud of one of your students?

I think what makes me proud is that the students begin as strangers in the classroom, and when they finish, they are such a support system for each other. I think of how one of my students had applied for a job at a medical clinic, and she had been hired for a full-time position. She recommended her classmate to the clinic, and both had managed to work together in the same clinic.

5. What would you tell someone interested in your program but is hesitant or nervous to register?

I think one story I share the most is that becoming a medical administrative assistant is very important, and what drew me to this area of healthcare was that I would play an important role in the office. The assistant is responsible for everything in the office, and by doing this, enables the physician to provide patient care. The physician/assistant relationship is very important.

6. Do you have anything to share that may be of interest to any potential students interested in your program?

Being a medical office assistant is a very exciting role in healthcare. You learn something new every day, and as mentioned before, you play an important role. You advocate for patients, you are the first impression for the physician, you are their right hand. You are the liaison between the patient and the physician. The patients need to feel comfortable with you to trust you with important and private details about their health, and when they are scared and frightened, they may forget information, and rely on you to be the go-between. When you meet new patients, you begin their story when they come to the office.

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