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Is a Medical Laboratory Technician Assistant Career Right for You?

By May 3, 2017 March 4th, 2020 No Comments
Anderson College MLAT program

Growing Industry

The number of medical lab technician assistant positions is growing rapidly in Canada. As current lab techs eventually retire and more people have access to health care, more patients will visit the doctor’s office. This leads to more lab tests, which require more lab techs to complete them. If you’re considering a job as a medical lab technician assistant, this is great news and means you’ll have a good shot of finding an open position once you’ve completed school.

Potential To Move Up

Medical lab technician assistants who work in large hospitals frequently specialize in a particular area once they’ve gained enough experience. Specialization is a smart move because it enables you to become familiar with certain types of tests and complete them faster. Lab technician assistants who are willing to go back to school also have the option of becoming a medical laboratory technologist. This position comes with a higher salary and the ability to perform more advanced types of lab tests.

The Ability to Work Independently or With a Team

As a medical lab technician assistant, your job primarily involves conducting tests in a lab on your own. In addition, technician assistants may have to interact with patients in order to collect blood or tissue samples and share the results with the doctors who ordered them. This mix of tasks makes a career as a medical laboratory technician assistant worth considering for individuals who want to work in medicine and enjoy working independently along with some collaboration.

Get Started In Less Than A Year

Anderson College offers a 41-week Medical Laboratory Technician Assistant diploma program with a mandatory placement. Higher education is expensive, so the less time you need to spend in school for your degree or certificate, the more money you’ll save.

For more information about the Medical Laboratory Technician Assistant diploma at Anderson College contact us directly at one of our campuses.

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