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Why Businesses Need Trained Executive Assistants

By July 8, 2015 March 4th, 2020 No Comments

These days, executives have a lot on their plates. Their calendars are usually packed with meetings, lunches, business trips, and presentations. They have documents to write, contracts to sign and an endless list of emails to respond to. Without administrative help, many middle to senior-level executives wouldn’t be able to get as much done in a day as they do. For this reason, executive assistants are highly valued in the workplace.

The many tasks that executive assistants perform contribute to the smooth running of a company. Trained executive assistants not only take care of administrative duties; they book travel, attend meetings and sometimes manage teams. If you’re considering an executive assistant career, you can look forward to becoming a crucial part of an organization.

Read on to learn more about why businesses need trained executive assistants and some of the skills that will help you succeed in this career.

Executive Assistants Boost Productivity in the Office

Most people enter the business world with higher than average time management skills. That being said, when a busy day arrives, executives can easily spend half a day answering emails instead of preparing for an important presentation.

Assistants who have business office administration training can help carry a lot of the workload so that executives can stick to the urgent matters on their agendas. When things in the office get hectic, executive assistants use organizational, problem solving and time management skills to keep things balanced. They schedule meetings and print out relevant materials in advance, respond to emails and handle travel arrangements so that projects can stay on track.

By helping free up their manager’s time, trained executive assistants offer a boost in productivity for any company!

Executive Assistants Can Handle Large Responsibility

Some of the typical tasks that executive assistants handle in a day include:

  • drafting replies to emails
  • scheduling meetings
  • preparing reports
  • filing documents
  • making travel arrangements

Many executive assistants build a good rapport with their bosses over time and therefore will be handed more responsibility. This is good news for anyone considering enrolling in business office administration courses because it means that there’s definitely room for advancement in this career field. More responsibility down the road leads to higher compensation!

Eventually, executive assistants may be assigned to such tasks as:

  • Attending meetings on behalf of the executive
  • Dealing with basic financial management
  • Writing and preparing presentations for the executive
  • Establishing company administrative policies
  • Supervising office staff

Executive Assistants Continuously Improve Their Skills

One day, the executive you’re working for may earn a promotion to a position with new responsibilities. In order to accommodate their needs in their new role, the company will provide further training to enhance your organizational, multitasking and problem-solving skills. Nowadays, many executive assistants are attending seminars and conventions, because their careers involve as much growth as the executives they work for!

An executive assistant career gives graduates with a business office administration diploma plenty of opportunities to continue sharpening their skills. And of course, businesses always benefit from having employees who wish to improve their skill set.

How else do trained executive assistants help a business run smoothly?

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