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Why Anderson?

We support you to overcome challenges and create a better life for you and your families. We are your partner in helping you become skilled, confident and in-demand employees.

We know you have what it takes – to be a skillful, confident, in-demand employee; we just prove you can!

Our students come to us from all corners of the globe and each has a unique story to tell. We celebrate their individuality and support them as they strive to overcome challenges and create a better life for themselves and their families. Within our community, we build a culture of equality and care.

We operate one location in Surrey, British Columbia and ten locations in Ontario, we are recognized for our high-calibre faculty, comprised of industry experts, delivering practical programs and real-life career training, enabling graduates to become skillful, confident and in-demand employees. We offer rolling admissions, payment options and various schedules that allow you to balance your studies, work and life. Our environment of comradery and community provides a much-needed respite from the stresses of starting over and spurs you forth to achieve your educational and career goals.

But above all, you should know – we are more than our programs and our facilities; we are a team of dedicated and caring individuals who are deeply committed to helping our students…You.

Designation and Assurance

Anderson College is designated by the BC government’s Ministry of Advanced Education through the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). PTIB is responsible for setting standards of quality and ensuring consumer protection. Anderson College has also received the BC government’s Education Quality Assurance (EQA)designation, which is BC’s brand or “seal” of quality post-secondary education for public and private institutions.

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