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What Jobs Can You Do with A Law Clerk Diploma?

By February 5, 2020June 17th, 2021No Comments
law clerk jobs

A Law Clerk Diploma comes with many job opportunities whether it is working for a law firm, the government or a business. Our Law Clerk Diploma program prepares you to write one, or all, of the four provincial Law Clerk exams, including; Litigation, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Wills and Estates. This means that you can look for jobs in the field that you love most, or deal with various cases. In this blog post, we tell you all the jobs that you will be able to do after your Law Clerk training program.

Corporate Law Clerk

As a Corporate Law Clerk, you will be in charge of handling any paperwork and tasks related to business transactions including tax reorganizations and rollovers, asset/share purchases and sale transactions. You will assist the Corporate Lawyer with the preparation of the transaction package, from the closing agenda to the closing of the document books. You will also assist in other business activities such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. As a Corporate Law Clerk, you may work for a business or a corporate law office.

Family Law Clerk

As a Family Law Clerk, you will provide administrative support to lawyers. Your daily tasks will include researching, compiling and comparing information, as well as organizing legal documents. You will also be corresponding with clients on behalf of the lawyer as well as acting as the intermediary between the clients and the lawyer. Family Law Clerks assist in cases involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce and child custody, among others.

Litigation Law Clerk

As a Litigation Law Clerk, you will handle cases of civil lawsuits. You will be in charge of drafting and preparing correspondence and legal documents, maintaining client contact information and much more. Your tasks may also vary depending on the nature of the dispute and whether your office is representing the plaintiff or the defendant.

Real Estate Law Clerk

Real Estate Law Clerks are in charge of handling real estate transactions, whether the client is buying or selling a house. The typical duties of a Real Estate Law Clerk are completing title searches as well as reviewing deeds, affidavits and agreements of purchase and sale. Duties may also include registering mortgages as well as managing and preparing important documents, such as tax certificates and confirmation of insurance.

Legal Support Positions

As a Legal Assistant, you will be responsible for the delivery of legal services in the areas of litigation, advisory services, commercial and real estate transactions by performing a variety of tasks. These tasks may include locating and compiling information as well as drafting, preparing and proofreading legal and administrative documents. You may assist with various types of cases or focus on just one field.


Interested in training future Law Clerks? You can pass on your knowledge and experience to future Law Clerks. As an Instructor, you will teach your students about various laws, legal communication, writing and much more!

Do these jobs make you want to know more about this career? Learn more about the role of a Law Clerk here or contact us to meet directly with our Admissions team.

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