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Top 10 Traits to Master for Success as a Medical Radiography Tech

By April 18, 2024No Comments
Medical Radiography Tech

The field of medical radiation technology is perfect for those seeking an in-demand career, who are tech savvy and have a passion for making a difference.

Medical radiation technologist programs will certainly equip you with the training you require in areas spanning anatomy and pathology, computerized imaging techniques, radiation safety and patient care, but there’s more to consider. To thrive in the practical, day-to-day work environment there are some key qualities you’ll need to hone; these are essential to know before you launch your career as a medical radiation technologist (MRT).

Top 10 Traits to Master as an MRT


1. Keen Attention to Detail

From understanding the intricacies of anatomy, positioning the patient and equipment to capture the best image and quality control checks on medical imaging equipment to relaying details to the healthcare team, your ability to recognize and attend to details are key to quality patient care, diagnosis and to your success.

2. Commitment to Integrity

Performing all tasks to the best of your ability, considering the care and privacy of each patient, ensuring data and details are entered into medical records accurately and being honest about when you need assistance or have made errors and correcting them, are traits of a mature and ethical professional.

3. Stellar Communication

As an MRT a broad range of communication skills are required due to the nature and span of the job. Excellent written skills are required for medical documentation, patient record keeping, and details about the examination that the medical team needs to diagnose. Verbal skills are required to connect compassionately with patients and explain the procedure in terms they can understand and follow. Being able to express yourself well in all situations and styles gives you a competitive edge.

4. Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving

In your radiological technology program you will learn to perform routine diagnostic imaging techniques, but often the images you need to capture are anything but routine. You’ll need to use the foundation of knowledge you’ve acquired and then think critically about how to apply it to the unique situation and use it for solving problems that arise moment-to-moment.

5. Passion for Science and Math

With the nature of this work, an understanding of scientific principles and mathematics is a must. Understanding anatomy, body density, and the intricacies of the imaging system you’re using to capture details, will allow you to obtain a high-quality radiograph. And as each patient is unique, factors responsible for obtaining a good image must be adapted. You may for example incorporate changes to technical settings and equipment set-up to optimize results on the x-ray image.

6. Empathy and Compassion

Patients often come to you at an incredibly challenging time in their lives. It is your job to empathize with how they may be feeling and put them at ease. Your ability to express compassion, explain the process of the procedure in simple terms and provide kind and professional direction and support will not only help with capturing a more accurate image for diagnosis and treatment but will leave them feeling cared for during a difficult time.

7. Patience and Adaptability

Collecting images, dealing with patients, communicating with your healthcare team, these situations throughout your day may not always flow the way you planned. Success in your career long term will depend on your ability to be patient with yourself, with those you care for and work with; your ability to adapt your approach to dealing with each situation will empower you to learn as you go and apply those insights you gain all along the way.

8. Outstanding Stamina

While this job is highly rewarding, it is also physically demanding. As an MRT you’ll spend a large portion of your day on your feet; you’ll move medical imaging equipment and support patients with mobility challenges. Your schedule can consist of long hours and shift work and can spin from routine to emergency situations. If you’re physically strong, enjoy a work environment that keeps you fit, and have an understanding of how to care for yourself as well as others, then this is the career for you and you will thrive in it for years to come.

9. Exceptional Team Player

As an MRT you play a vital role in the greater whole of patient care. Your ability to connect well with patients, communicate clearly, professionally and positively with the other members of your healthcare team, from other techs to nurses and doctors, and have a continence of efficiency and personability will ensure you experience quality in your work and in your work environment.

10. Dedicated to Evolving Excellence

Technology and techniques to serve patients better and more accurately are ever evolving in the healthcare industry and your ability to succeed in your career long term ultimately depends on your commitment to staying up to date on the latest advancements. If you’re thrilled about a career that will encourage you to perpetually enhance your knowledge and update your skills, then this is the field for you.

Medical radiation technologists are essential to patient care and in this career you can be assured that you’re making a powerful difference in the lives of others every day. Mastering these traits, in addition to all the technical skills you’ll gain in your educational training will ensure you’ve got the competitive edge as you head out into the market to land that dream job.

When you’re ready to embrace your Medical Radiography Technology career, we’re here to help you navigate the steps along the way. Contact our Admissions team to join the next class!

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