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4-Step Manicure & Pedicure Guide – for Estheticians

By October 24, 2022No Comments

As an aspiring esthetician you want to make your clients glow from fingertips to toes. So, as a student at any beauty college/beauty institute you want to ensure that your aesthetic training courses include comprehensive coverage of how to give an exceptional manicure and pedicure.

Understanding the procedure and process of a professional treatment for hands and feet will be a key training area for any esthetics course/esthetician course, so we thought we’d give you a head start on understanding the basics.

Your 4-Step Guide to Giving Incredible Manicures & Pedicures


1. Know Your Client

Understand the motivation behind why the client is in your chair. Assess whether this is for beauty and pampering purposes or for a concern. Are there irritations, callouses or weakness and sensitivities you’re dealing with? To deliver the best possible care to your client, you must provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere and ask the questions that enable them to share. This will give you valuable insights on how to best serve them.

2. Clean, Sanitize & Soak

Remove all nail polish. For feet, fill a basin with warm water and allow the soothing scent and moments to soften cuticles and relax the client. If there are calluses, this is where you will gently exfoliate and scrub the affected areas. This whole process sets the tone for a calming experience and cleans the areas more deeply.

3. Cuticle and Massage Care

Massage cuticle oil into the nail bed. Use a cuticle stick to carefully push back the dead skin. When finished rub on a little more oil and use this moment to massage the hands or feet gently.

4. Cut, File, Add Flair

Now for the fun bit. Trim nails, file in the shape and style the client has indicated and then let them pick their polish. Now that all is clear and cleaned and prepped, you’re ready to brighten up their fingers and toes. Be sure to use a cotton ball of nail polish remover to remove any leftover moisturizer or oils. Apply a base coat and dry. Add the polish (carefully, to ensure it doesn’t touch the cuticle) and let dry. And finally, add the topcoat and let dry. Voila. Your client is feeling and looking spectacular, and you’ve just made someone’s day. For more awesome tips, you can read our popular blog post on 10 Nail Polish Mistakes We’ve All Made and How to Prevent Them.

*Please note that specific procedures will vary based on type of treatment requested by the client. This guide gives a solid overview of what you will dive into in the curriculum to obtain your aesthetics certificate.

It is a thrilling feeling to know that you’ve brightened someone’s day, making them feel pampered and special. The training that is offered at Anderson College in our Esthetician program, taught by industry experts, will empower you to take your vision of being a professional in this field, to reality. And offering manicures and pedicures to clients … just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are ready to leap into this exciting opportunity or want to explore your best career fit with one of our other 30+ leading-edge programs, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact our admissions team today.

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