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Instructor Q&A Feature: Jonathan Dickins

By October 2, 2019August 12th, 2021No Comments

Instructor: Jonathan Dickins
Program: Law Clerk

1. What are the positive outcomes that potential students can expect once they complete your program?

The Law Clerk Program allows students to enter into the legal field as highly skilled individuals and teaches them the skill set needed to support legal professionals. This program provides students with the transferable skills that they can utilize in areas other than a traditional law clerk career. For example, my law clerk students find careers in areas such as general office clerk, entrepreneurs involved in legal processes and many more areas that use skilled communication and research skills.

2. What do you enjoy most about teaching this program?

I enjoy seeing all of my students embark on successful careers in the legal industry. I am proud that all my students have different skills and hidden talents that are not only directly related to their study but are unique to each individual. They have incredible talents, for example, one of my students has a passion for art and is organizing an art show. I support and encourage her by attending the show and encourage my other students to also support their peers by attending. This is why I love my job. By always helping and encouraging my students it allows me to continuously be the best instructor I can be.

3. Is there anything special about your class that students enjoy or find interesting?

As a law instructor, my students need to be able to have open discussions in a professional setting. During class, I encourage my students to discuss their opinions and have open discussions. It is important for them to learn how to do this while respecting others who may have different opinions. This fosters a feeling of professionalism and congeniality.

4. In your teaching career, what is one story that makes you proud of one of your students?

I have many stories to share about my students, I am proud of all of them. One of my students is currently on placement with a leading Bay Street law firm. This is the first time a Law Clerk student at Anderson College succeeds in getting a placement at a Bay Street law firm. Bay Street is the financial district of Toronto, it is known for its high-class banks and law agencies. I am very proud of my student, she did not give up on pursuing this opportunity and was persistent in getting this position. She had worked very hard and put in a lot of time into her resume and correspondents. I assisted her with practice interviews and gave her the encouragement and training needed. She carried herself with confidence and never gave up until she achieved her work on. Such as public speaking, essay writing, job networking, LinkedIn profiles, and professional blog pages.

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