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An Esthetician’s Guide to Skin Analysis & Client Care

By March 21, 2022May 12th, 2022No Comments
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As an esthetician, you want your clients to glow … in complexion and in the reviews they offer about the services you provide. Whether you are considering attending a beauty college or beauty institute or are already enrolled in an esthetician course, recognizing and identifying conditions of the skin are the first steps in quality, professional client care. Gone are the days, or they should be, of eye-balling issues. Clients deserve and should demand, a skin care professional who is well trained, intimately understands skin and the benefits of proper analysis and proficiently uses technology and treatments to serve their clients.

Here is Your Topline Guide to Skin Analysis & Training You’ll Need to Shine

What Is Skin Analysis?

Skin analysis is the process of recognizing and identifying a client’s skin type, the areas of concern and for improvement, so that the best treatments can be recommended and performed. A conscientious professional will also take the time to understand a client’s medical history, habits (those to be maintained and those to be changed) and helps them identify goals for skin improvement.

What’s So Important About Skin Analysis?

It is essential that you know about the canvas you are about to work with, and a comprehensive skin analysis allows the esthetics ‘artist’ to understand their client’s skin health, without their visiting the doctor. All that you will recommend, and the treatments you perform, will be driven from this initial assessment. The more questions that are asked, the better the communication, the more support your client will feel and the better you will be able to perform your services.

How Is Skin Analysis Performed?

It really begins the moment the client walks through the door. With keen training in an estheticians’ course, and some experience, you’ll learn to identify skin concerns or recognize the habits of your clients right away. This forms some of your assessment. Next are the questions that allow them to share about their family and personal history, habits around skin care and general health, and goals they have for looking and feeling better. Next comes a critical step – the magnifying lamp. This is not always comfortable for the client, but essential to your professional review of their needs. This allows you to get a deep look at their pores, and to check for any skin concerns that may require the professional opinion or treatment of a dermatologist.

What Are You Looking for During Skin Analysis?

Skin is as complex as the personalities of clients who will walk through your door. Understanding skin type – from dry to oily, combination skin and normal – and any characteristics like redness, texture, rashes, clogged pores, will help guide your treatment recommendations.

This analysis will also guide product recommendations, particularly if you discover that your client has skin sensitivities or is prone to inflammation.

When you’ve completed your comprehensive analysis, you’ll feel confident as you recommend next steps to their achieving their skin care goals.

How Do You Become a Sought-After Esthetician?

As with any profession, there are those who do the job and there are those who excel at the job, experience thriving careers, and are sought out by clients. That’s the kind of professional you want to aspire to be. That takes passion, and training with a leading-edge program that combines theory with practical application and is taught by leaders in the field. You want to have the opportunity to train with the best and test out your skills before your first day on the job, in a lab that simulates what it will be like to perform skin analysis, and the treatments that will come of that. You deserve this.

Setting your sights on obtaining your aesthetician degree, choosing the right aesthetic training courses for you, is a must.

At Anderson College, our passion is our students and ensuring they are job-ready and in demand, upon graduation. Our industry-expert instructors and state-of-the-art labs is where it begins and our career services (for life), empower our students to take their careers and life to new levels.

We’d love to explore the possibilities with you in our Esthetician program. Just imagine … in 50 weeks, after your program, you could be welcoming your first client in for skin analysis – the start of your thriving career. The first step is to contact our admissions team today. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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