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The Facts & Benefits of Facials

By April 13, 2022No Comments
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Like we need an excuse to promote pampering! But beyond the feel-good factors of facials, there are myriad benefits and things you and your clients need to know about this self-care technique. Engaging in programs for estheticians or working toward your aesthetician degree at a cosmetology institute you will receive training in various techniques for helping clients achieve their skincare goals, and facials are at the top of the list. Let’s take a look at why and arm you with the key info to encourage and support those who turn to you for guidance on how to look and feel more vibrant.

Importance of Facials

Although there are plenty of DIY options, turning to a professional who’s trained at one of the best cosmetology schools, allows clients to truly come to understand their skin. They can learn what their skins needs, and how it reacts to hormones, the environment and skincare products and how to implement routines that support that radiance we all seek.

Receiving a facial from a trained professional provides:

  • Relief from tension, tiredness, headaches, and mental fatigue
  • Removal of dry skin and hydration to improve absorption of creams and initiate a natural glow, leaving one looking and feeling younger
  • Assessment and treatment of skin concerns
  • A healing break, designed to refresh and rejuvenate.

Facial Benefits That May Surprise You

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
With hundreds of pressure points located on the face, connecting various areas throughout the body, it’s no wonder that when massaged the sympathetic nervous system is activated and anxiety levels are reduced.

2. Improves Blood Circulation
Just as is true with the rest of the body, massage improves circulation helping oxygen and nutrients reach the face. This means healthier cells that give the glow we’re all seeking.

3. Treats Acne Without Scarring
Turning to a professional who uses steam, products specific to acne treatment and techniques for removing blackheads and pimples that get at the root and ensure the areas are disinfected, means no scarring and beautiful skin.

4. Exfoliation and Rejuvenation
Skin cells die regularly and tend to pile up on the surface, making skin dry, rough and dull. Exfoliation, the sloughing off of skin cells, when removed by a professional using tried and trusted techniques, reveal a healthy layer of skin beneath and leaves clients feeling years younger.

And for those of us feeling the affects of aging with that loosening of the skin, a facial treatment that removes cells and then puts moisture back in, leaves skin tighter and looking more youthful.

5. Removes Bags and Dark Circles

The skin under your eyes is much thinner and therefore needs extra attention and care. A trained esthetician knows specifically how to treat this area to reduce dark circles, bags and even the tiny lines that form over time. Professional products and creams target these areas and offer nutrients and moisture to rehydrate tired skin and reduce wrinkles.

Facial Facts You Need to Know

– Facials Aren’t a Quick Fix
It takes time to train your skin. So, balancing a regular visit to your esthetician with a daily skincare routine can work wonders as your cells learn and respond, to give a regular glow. Remember that consistency is key, and patience is a must as overnight results aren’t realistic. Overtime you’ll be grateful you put in the effort.

– Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better
You want to select your professional carefully, and ensure they’ve engaged in an esthetician course and are intent on genuine and nurturing client care. Your best gauge for this is trusting your instincts.

– Precautions to Consider:

  • Talk to your esthetician about your goals, any medications you’re taking, or allergies you may have
  • Before starting a treatment, do a patch test, to determine if you have any sensitivities
  • If you’re pregnant, you’ll want to let your esthetician know so that they can use the right products to keep you and your baby safe
  • Avoid the sun after getting a facial and cover up and use sunblock for at least one week
  • If you have burns, bruises or lesions on your face, wait for them to heal before having a facial.

– You’re Worth It and So Are Your Clients
If you’re looking to take your skincare goals up a notch, we trust these tips and facts will empower you. If you’re looking into this field as a profession, the esthetics course you choose matters. Being trained by industry experts, receiving hands-on experience and working within a practicum with trusted professionals will ensure you have a thriving career, and your clients will glow in their faces and in their reviews.

Facials are an essential part of any skincare routine, and one that is rewarding for both the professional and the client. Are you interested in starting your Esthetician career? Connect with a member of our Admissions Team today. We’re here to help you every step along the way.

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