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A Glimpse into a Day and the Life of a Medical Esthetician

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Medical Esthetician

If you have a calling to empower others, to make them feel confident and radiant, and have a passion for skincare and beauty, a medical esthetician course may be the training for you. A beauty college or beauty institute will ensure you’re skilled in a vast array of procedures and techniques to encourage and support healthy, radiant skin. But before you make the leap into all it takes to get your medical aesthetics certificate, understanding precisely what this career entails can help you make an informed decision about your future.

Understanding the responsibilities and flow of a day, and the needs and opportunities within this billion-dollar industry, can give you a glimpse into what you’re in for. So, let’s dive in!

A Day and the Life of a Medical Esthetician


Your Typical Day

  • Preparation:
  • Set the tone for your day. This is essential to ensure you’re in the right mindset to welcome, support and serve in a way that makes each customer feel understood and valued; this will lead to building successful relationships, and ultimately a successful business over time.
  • Review appointments and the clients you’ll be meeting, the services they’ve requested, any special conditions they’ve indicated and make sure you’ve got the tools and information needed.
  • Organize your supplies, make sure your workspace is tidy and clean and create the ambiance that will make your client feel pampered and peaceful.
  • Client Connection:
  • Set the tone with your client. Keep in mind that your clients come to you for myriad reasons, but they all desire a few key things, ultimately – to feel like they are in the hands of a skilled professional, in a safe space and to leave feeling and often looking more radiant than when they arrived. Everything stems from this. Greet them warmly.
  • Start with a client consultation. Particularly with those who are new, gather information about their lifestyle, skincare habits, and conditions, allergies, or sensitivities you need to be aware of. For existing clients, ask for an update on their skin, how they’ve been caring for it themselves and flag any concerns or special requests for the day. This initial connection will help you effectively tailor your treatment to meet their needs.
  • Customized Treatment:
  • Tap your training. Your medical aesthetic training courses will offer a wealth of knowledge on the various options for treatment based on what a client desires and needs, so that you are known for your skills and professionalism. But there are typical steps that you’ll move through with each client before you administer your customized solution.
  • Prepare the skin. Cleaning the skin wipes the slate clean, so to speak, so that it is fresh and ready for the treatment of the day, allowing for maximum benefits. Remove makeup, dirt, oils, and any residue on the skin.
  • Customize the service with professionalism. The treatment you provide depends on the client, from facials, exfoliation, cosmetic massage, make-up application to laser, radiofrequency treatments and microdermabrasion. Whatever the service, you deliver each treatment with insight and expertise in a professional manner.

How to Excel

  • Manage and Use Your Time Wisely. Knowing how to manage schedules, and the in between moments of your day will allow you to maximize the hours. Between client appointments, you will clean and sterilize, prepare info and inventory for the next client, restock supplies, contact clients to remind them of appointments or to touch base, and engage in business development planning and activities. The better you wield your time, the more success you will experience.
  • Wow Your Clients with Your Care. To ensure your clients return again and again, you want to create an atmosphere that makes them long for their next visit. You want to go above and beyond with how you care for them. Remembering specifics about their treatment, details of their personal lives that they’ve shared with you, following up after their appointment, reaching out when you haven’t seen them in a while, offering a discount on their birthday or other occasions, all these actions go a long way to creating a quality relationship that instills loyalty and a joyful experience for them over time. Making notes after each client connection can make this easy-peasy for you.

Awesome Insights to Fuel You Further

We’ve created a powerhouse resource centre for you – blogs that can offer further insight into the industry, guides for treatment and client care, even how to market your own business. Enjoy!

What Now?

As you can see, a career as a medical esthetician is dynamic, rewarding, provides autonomy while building close relationships and truly allows you to positively impact people, their confidence, their joy, their lives. If, after diving into a day in your potential new life, you feel drawn to this kind of service and care, intent on embracing the opportunities and challenges that come with the job and desire continuous growth and learning, you may have found a perfect career fit.

If you’re ready to explore more about your Medical Esthetician career, we’re here to help you navigate the steps to get you there. Connect with one of our admissions advisors and let’s get you on your way … to that day and that life.

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