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Anatomy and Physiology Knowledge – Essential for Medical Esthetician Career Success

By June 8, 2023No Comments
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Healthcare advancements of the day enable increased longevity; medical esthetics treatments can not only ward off some conditions but can make us look, and feel, infinitely better as we live longer. With this power comes the need for responsibility among those beauty college/beauty institute graduates entering the field, entrusted with our skin.

A medical esthetics course or medical esthetician course that includes comprehensive anatomy and physiology components for both the skin and the face, taught by industry professionals, is essential. But why, precisely, should medical aesthetic training courses cover such a knowledge base and how will students use this information in their future careers? Let us tell you.

First, what are anatomy and physiology as they relate to the skin and face?

Anatomy of the face is the branch of science concerned with the physical, soft-tissue structures attached to the bones of the facial structure. Physiology is the branch of biology that focuses on the functions of living structures. In this case, is has to do with the ‘living organism’ of the face and the skin.

Why are anatomy and physiology of the face and skin essential for medical esthetic (ME) practitioners to know?

Medical estheticians are trained to assess a clients’ current issues and concerns, develop ideal treatment plans, make recommendations, discuss the benefits and effects of various treatments, and even perform delicate procedures. To make an accurate assessment and recommend and perform treatments with confidence, the ME professional must have a keen understanding of what is going on beneath the surface, and on top of it. Understanding the face, neck, and skin structures thoroughly and the associated medical terminology, empowers professionals to care for clients with confidence, thus instilling confidence in the client with the treatments and care they will receive.

How can understanding anatomy and physiology enhance a medical estheticians’ (ME) care?

Our face and skin are our physical calling card in life; for many of us how our skin looks and feels fundamentally influences our confidence. We want to know that when we take the time to proactively seek out ways to improve, we’re being guided by highly knowledgeable professionals. Understanding anatomy and physiology, allows an ME to recognize potential skin problems early on, before they become a health risk. They can target problem areas, assess where they are stemming from, not just physically but environmentally, and plans can be designed to treat the whole individual. Treatments can also be developed and delivered safely and effectively, and with a deeper knowledge, adapted when needed to continually evolve based on the specific goals and needs of that client.

Specifically, with this knowledge MEs can:

  • Collaborate with other medical professionals when needed – speaking the same ‘language’ when it comes to the face and skin,
  • Educate clients effectively,
  • Treat clients safely,
  • By sharing knowledge and expertise, can reduce common side effects after treatments and care, and help reduce potential discomfort,
  • Gain the confidence to care for and treat patients effectively and build a practice based on positive client experiences.

In reading this as a recent graduate, you should feel proud of the knowledge you’ve gleaned and the care you can provide. If you’re considering your future and this inspires you to explore obtaining your medical aesthetics certificate, and you want to join a program with a track record for graduate success – launching your career in just over one year – we’ve got a terrific option for you at Anderson College.

Review the details of our Medical Esthetician program, and then reach out to us. Contact our admissions team and we’ll walk you through finding your best program fit and every step along the way to getting launched.

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