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10 Stellar Ways to Market Your Esthetics Business for Wild Success

By November 6, 2023February 2nd, 2024No Comments

You’ve poured your energy and efforts into your training at a beauty institute/beauty college and are now rocking the credentials to launch your esthetics skills into the world. But how?

With your medical aesthetic training courses and, now, your medical aesthetics certificate you have the ability look to the future and consider how to build a thriving esthetics business.

Here are 10 Stellar Ways to Market Your Esthetics Business for Wild Success


1. Brand WoW Development

Put your creativity to work and develop a name, look and feel for your esthetics business vision. Do your research on competition in the marketplace and gear your brand to catchy, reflecting who you are and what you want to bring to your clients. Design a logo, pick your brand colours and create a consistent brand-look and voice that aligns with the clientele you’ll serve.

2. Take It to the Social Media Masses

Now that you’ve nailed your name and brand, put it out there. Connect to social media platforms and create posts that can be shared across them all. Recognize that regular posting is key, allowing clients to find you and know that they can look to you for consistent insights and information. Highlight your services and clients; this will help you spread the word about your awesome talents.

3. Referral Programs to Incentivize

Put those satisfied customers to work, have them be the ones to share how incredible what you offer is. Creating a reward program for those who refer you to others, allows them to feel valued and you to build your esthetics business in organic (and yes, inexpensive) ways. When you gain, they gain. Win-win!

4. Package and Promote

Bundling your services to encourage a sampling of all you have to offer (thus hooking them on new ways to pamper themselves) is an awesome way to expand business. Offering promotions at key times of the year for occasions, when people are looking for ways to celebrate their loved ones, makes gift-giving easy for them and client-expansion easy for you. There is no limit to the creative ideas you can apply here.

5. Hone in on Your Locals

Focus your marketing or social media ads on your community marketplace and implement SEO for those right in your neighbourhood. You can educate yourself in this area quite easily, or you can collaborate and barter your services for those of an SEO expert and both gain something of value by working together. Just a fun thought!

6. Collaborate for the Collective Win

Speaking of working together in community, find and develop business relationships where you can cross-promote and build your customer base in tandem. There are so many businesses and people who would benefit from implementing and offering care for employees and customers, and they, in turn, will help spread the word about what you offer.

7. Website Basics

Make sure you have the tools in place to make it easy for a customer to connect with you. Having a booking website allows for ease when it comes to appointments – for you and for those you serve.

8. Share Your Expertise

A terrific way to establish yourself as someone of value in the community is to offer workshops and host events that allow people to get to know you and what you do. This can tie into collaboration with other businesses in your area too. Just sayin’!

9. Post It and They Will Come

Reach out to all the local coffee shops, recreation centres and other hubs that have community boards. Post up your promotions, package deals, workshops-upcoming and events. Let them see you everywhere they look.

10. Be So Awesome They Can’t Help Themselves

When you create a warm, welcoming, informative, supportive environment for self care, and a community of those dedicated to offering serves that pamper and uplift, people will talk. Establish a standard for what you do, do it, and then watch as people spread the word for you (while still doing all the other cool things listed 1 through 9).

So, are you feeling ready to take your newly developed skills to the masses? Or did you read this and feel so jazzed about the possibilities that you’re now considering training within a medical esthetician course/medical esthetics course? If it’s the latter, do we have a program for you.

Next steps – you can leap in to training for your Medical Esthetician career. We’re here to help, just contact our admissions team today and let’s get you started!

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