Bridging the Gap to a New Career. It’s easier than you think.

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Engaging in the prospect of a new career can be scary. It can feel as though there is a large gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We can help bridge the gap and make your career goals a reality.

As an accredited career college,  Anderson College has accumulated experience with thousands of people, which has helped us to identify the unique needs of our students. As a result, our management team can help you navigate your way through the process – helping you to realize your potential and your goals.

Our success is directly tied to yours and we take that seriously. That’s why Anderson College offers a unique blend of professional and personal assistance to help students turn their dreams into a reality every step of the way.

We understand that making a decision to return to college involves three stages:

1. Creating Your Plan

We will work with you – assessing your current circumstances and responsibilities and will help you create a plan to move toward your career goal.  We’ll help you find solutions to the challenges you may be facing which have prevented you from enrolling in one of our diploma programs (e.g. child care assistance, accommodation assistance, health insurance, etc…).

We understand the importance of finances when it comes to education, so Anderson College works tirelessly to ensure that our students are supported. Many financial options are available including:

  • Pay as you learn interest free payment plans
  • Government assistance, to those who qualify
  • Second career funding options, to those who qualify
  • Traditional bank loans
  • Guaranteed financing to partner institutions

2. Obtaining Your Diploma

Once you’ve made the decision to enroll in one of our diploma programs we will provide you with a high-quality and industry-accredited education. All of our diploma programs are led by instructors who are seasoned professionals in their field of study. Our instructors, accompanied by small class sizes, real-world experience and in some cases, on-the-job-training, provide you with a comprehensive foundation to build your career. If you find yourself struggling, we even provide one-on-one educational and tutoring support to ensure you succeed and obtain your diploma.

3. Ongoing Career Support

At  Anderson College we place people before profits.  We aren’t just looking to churn out graduates.  That’s why we keep our class sizes small. That’s also why once you graduate we offer our alumni unlimited upgrade training throughout their career as well as access to our lifetime career services to help keep you employed.

Once you become an Anderson College student, you become part of the Anderson College family. The Anderson College team goes above and beyond to ensure that all students feel welcome and appreciated.

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