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Alumni Fighting COVID-19 – Sandeep’s Story

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Everything has changed – our priorities, our routines, and the way we live. While COVID-19 has separated us physically, we are more determined to stay connected with you. Whether you are combatting COVID-19 at the front line or from home.

Sandeep S. is an alumni and a homemaker. Here is her story:

Please share your story about how you are supporting the fight against COVID-19

2020 definitely surprised us, however, not in a pleasant way. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has put the whole world on hold. Schools, temples, malls and all public attractions are closed and everyone is quarantined in their homes to limit this dangerous disease from spreading. Quarantined life isn’t fun, but we try to make the best of being at home together. We spend time whipping up new dishes and desserts and experimenting with new things, but that doesn’t stop us from getting bored. While we pass time talking, laughing and playing, lots of people are still dying from this deadly virus and though we are immensely grateful to be safe, we still wonder how long we’ll have to be cooped up in our homes. Another effect of the world being on lockdown is online school; kids are finally doing something fruitful by completing their online assignments. We are thankful for our education system for this.

“Quarantined life isn’t fun, but we try to make the best of being at home together.”

One of the most perilous activities at this time is grocery shopping. Stepping out into a public place right now is as dangerous as playing with fire – getting groceries during lockdown is like a mission, going and getting back without being infected. Sanitizing food, wearing gloves and standing meters away from each other; it’s the same as being in my son’s zombie apocalypse video game. It is very devastating to see the empty parks and roads in the spring season. The biggest and scariest thought of all is that there is no specified period of time this will last, we have no idea how long we will keep living like this. Maybe this alternate reality is our new normal, but no one knows for sure because there is no promise of a cure. We can only hope.

“Keep practicing social distancing and staying in your homes. If we all play our part, the chances of this virus spreading further are low.”

There are workers out there who, despite the circumstances, are still coming to work every day. All those front line workers including police, firefighters, grocery store workers, doctors, and healthcare workers, you have our sincerest thank you and prayers. What you are doing for all those sick people is very courageous and even though you know you are playing with your lives, you continue to help. Regardless of this disease, we need to ensure that we are playing our part in reducing the impact of COVID-19. Keep practicing social distancing and staying in your homes. If we all play our part, the chances of this virus spreading further are low. We all pray that this comes to an end soon and we go back to our normal world, but until then please stay home and stay safe.

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