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3 Ways Our Accounting Course Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

By June 29, 2016 March 4th, 2020 No Comments
Anderson College Accounting and payroll course

Careers in accounting offer both job stability and good pay, and are an excellent fit for students with an eye for detail. If you enjoy math, like using new software, and are looking for a rewarding career, then the right payroll training program could help you start your dream job sooner than you think. In fact, focused programs like the one offered at Anderson Colleg are just 44 weeks long. That means that in just nine months, you could be graduating with your diploma and well on your way to a bright new career.

Taking advantage of the lucrative job market in accounting and landing a job after your training is made easy with the resources and support provided by Anderson College. Continue reading to discover how our accounting college can help you launch an amazing career after graduation.

1. Accounting and Payroll Diploma Holders Get Guaranteed Co-Op Job Placement

When studying towards your accounting and payroll diploma, you will have a chance to put all the theory you’ve learned to use with a co-op job placement. Cooperative education allows you to take the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom and use it in the real world, gaining important experience and confidence in the process. A co-op job placement is the opportunity to push yourself—and at NAHB (Now, Anderson College), every single student in accounting and payroll is guaranteed a co-op job placement.

2. Accounting Training Prepares Students to Use Important Software Programs

ACCPAC is the accounting software of choice for many of the largest accounting firms in the world. It’s one of the top software programs that students need to know, and Anderson College provides comprehensive, hands-on training so that students feel confident using it. With the help of our expert instructors, you’ll learn useful shortcuts and how this program can keep the books balanced. Not only that, but the ACCPAC training comes with a Recognition of Achievement that will greatly assist in finding employment after graduation.

3. Accounting and Payroll Diploma Grads Get Job Search Support

The skills you’ll gain through your accounting training at  Anderson College will make finding prospective employment an enjoyable and seamless experience after graduation. On top of that, our college makes your transition into the workforce all-the-easier with the help of our resume and cover letter development assistance, interview preparation assistance, and networking advice. Plus, Anderson College can refer you to external career resources after graduation, helping you make a smooth transition into your career in accounting.

Attending an accounting college is a wise decision right now because of the hot job market, as well as due to the plethora of services and career development assistance skills provided in accounting training—a rewarding career may be just around the corner.

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